The Wellington Session happens on Tuesday nights from 7:30 p.m. at the Welsh Dragon Bar, 10/12 Cambridge Terrace, Wellington 6011, New Zealand. All players of traditional Irish music are welcome. The session starts slowly, as we work through new tunes and tunes we are just learning:

If you are relatively new to playing this music, come along right at the start.

The pace usually picks up as the evening progresses, so if you are already fluent in tunes, come along after 8:30. Of course, we’d be happy to have experienced players playing slowly earlier on as well!

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Tune of the Week

We pick one tune each week for homework, and we’ll play it sometime during the first hour.

Tune Name Key Rhythm Audio Player
Rakes of Kildare Ador jig

Slow Session Tunes

Here are some of the tunes we’ll be playing at a relaxed speed during the first hour.

Tune Name▲▼ Key
Audio Player
Bird In the Bush G reel
Blackthorn Stick G jig
Creggs Pipes G reel
Derry Hornpipe D hornpipe
Finnish Polka Bm polka
Flooded Road to Glenties Bdor reel
Humours of Ennistymon G jig
Julia Delaney Ddor reel
Little Diamond Polka D polka
Mist Covered Mountain Ador jig
Morning Star D reel
Munster Bacon D jig
Murphy's Hornpipe G hornpipe
Murroe Polka G polka
Musical Priest Bmin reel
Parnell's March G slide
Salamanca D reel
Silver Spire D reel
Torn Jacket D reel

Other Tunes

You can see a list of some of the tunes that get played at the session including those we’ve been learning in the slow part of the session in our Current Tunes page.

There’s also a large list of tunes including tunes played in other New Zealand sessions in the NZ Archive page. Feel free to poke around.