During the Auckland Folk Festival 2019 we’ll be running a Irish tune slow session. We’ll be playing Irish tunes that are commonly played in pub sessions at a relaxed pace.

This page contains a sample of tunes that are frequently played at the Wellington slow session. We probably won’t play all of the tunes and may well play some tunes that aren’t on the list, but we wanted to provide suggestions so we’re sure to have some tunes in common.

The Audio Player provides tools for learning tunes by ear. Sections of the tune can be played in a loop using the loop control buttons below the position slider. The slider on the right controls the speed of playback allowing you to slow the tune down without altering the pitch. You can also click on the tune name to see the musical notation.

Please come along and join Andy and Ted for some relaxed session play.

Slow Session Tunes

Tune Name▲▼ Key
Audio Player
Galway Hornpipe D hornpipe
Plains of Boyle D hornpipe
Home Ruler D hornpipe
Connachtman's Rambles D jig
Geese in the Bog Ador jig
Garrett Barry's Jig G jig
Humours of Ennistymon G jig
Rose in the Heather D jig
Tobin's Favourite D jig
Banish Misfortune Dmix jig
Gander at the Pratie Hole Dmix jig
Haunted House G jig
Out On the Ocean G jig
Tar Road to Sligo D jig
Cliffs of Moher Ador jig
Jim Ward's G jig
Jerry's Beaver Hat D jig
Mouse In The Mug G jig
My Darling Asleep D jig
Morrison's Edor jig
Donnybrook Fair G jig
Sliabh Russell Ador jig
Lilting Banshee Ador jig
Leg of the Duck G jig
Wha'll Be King But Charlie Am jig
The Mad Piper G jig
The Tenpenny Bit Ador jig
Ballydesmond No. 1 Ador polka
Ballydesmond No. 2 Ador polka
Little Diamond Polka D polka
Ballydesmond No. 3 G polka
Britches Full of Stitches G polka
John Ryans D polka
Finnish Polka Bdor polka
Spootiskerry G reel
Willafjord D reel
Sailor's Bonnet D reel
Swinging on the Gate G reel
Concertina Reel D reel
Banshee G reel
Dunmore Lasses Edor reel
Gravel Walk Ador reel
Wise Maid D reel
Merry Blacksmith D reel
Silver Spear D reel
Creggs Pipes G reel
Otter's Holt Bdor reel
Paddy's Trip to Scotland D reel
Julia Delaney Ddor reel
Father Kelly's G reel
High Road to Linton Amix reel
Earl's Chair D reel
Musical Priest Bdor reel
Jackie Coleman's D reel
Silver Spire D reel
Martin Wynne's No 2 D reel
Maid Behind the Bar D reel
Farrel O'Gara's D reel
Siobhan O'Donnell's A reel
Joe Cooley's Edor reel
Mountain Road D reel
Doctor Gilberts Em reel
Trip to Durrow D reel
Tam Lin Ddor reel
Longford Collector G reel
Tarbolton Edor reel
Brenda Stubbert's Ador reel
Kid on the Mountain G slip jig
Foxhunter's D slip jig
Fig for a Kiss Edor slip jig
Snowy Path D slip jig


Andy Linton and Ted Cizadlo started a slow session in Wellington just after the 2015 Wellington Folk Festival. We started the session because we were aware of a number of folks in the Wellington area who enjoyed Irish music, and would like to play in a session, but either didn’t know enough tunes, or were new to the scene and needed a more relaxed environment to get started. Once started we noticed that some folks were using the session as an “on ramp” to fast session playing, while others simply enjoyed playing tunes at a relaxed pace.

We believe the best way to learn tunes for session play is to learn them by ear. The usual way to learn tunes by ear is for someone to play the tune slowly, playing parts of the tune over and over as you play along. We developed a website to help people learn the tunes, , that provides tools for learning tunes by ear from MP3 recordings of session tunes. Sheet music is also provided for the tunes for folks who prefer to learn by reading music (just click the Tune Name link).