Covid-19 Precautions

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Sessions are currently…

  • every Wednesday in The Fork and Tap, Arrowtown from 6:30. All trad players welcome.

You’ll find more information on our Facebook page

You can find some of the tunes we’re playing below. We hope to add more as time goes on.

Session Tunes

Set Name▲▼ Rhythm
Titles Audio Player
Cooley's Set reel
Silver Spear (D)
Humours of Tulla (D)
Father Kelly's Set reel
Father Kelly's (G)
Wind that Shakes the Barley (D)
Concertina Reel (D)
Jim Ward's Set jig
Jim Ward's (G)
Saddle the Pony (G)
Haunted House (G)
My Darling Asleep Set jig
My Darling Asleep (D)
Lilting Banshee (Ador)
Kitty Lie Over (D)
Otter's Holt Set reel
Otter's Holt (Bdor)
Dunmore Lasses (Edor)
Johnny Macklejohn's (D)
Garrett Barry Set jig
Garrett Barry's Jig (G)
Hag at the Churn (D)
Caileach an Airgid (The Hag With The Money) (D)

Tune Name▲▼ Rhythm
Audio Player
Ballydesmond No. 1 Ador polka
Ballydesmond No. 2 Ador polka
Ballydesmond No. 3 G polka
Banish Misfortune Dmix jig
Banshee G reel
Blackthorn Stick G jig
Boys of BlueHill D hornpipe
Christy Barry's No 2 G jig
Cliffs of Moher Ador jig
Con Cassidy's G jig
Concertina Reel D reel
Connachtman's Rambles D jig
Cup of Tea Edor reel
Dunmore Lasses Edor reel
Earl's Chair D reel
Father Kelly's G reel
Flooded Road to Glenties Bdor reel
Foxhunter's D slip jig
Galway Hornpipe D hornpipe
Gander at the Pratie Hole Dmix jig
Garrett Barry's Jig G jig
Geese in the Bog Ador jig
Hag at the Churn D jig
Hewlett D planxty
Humours of Tulla D reel
Jackie Coleman's D reel
Jim Ward's G jig
Joe Cooleys Edor reel
Johnny Macklejohn's D reel
Julia Delaney Ddor reel
Kid on the Mountain G slip jig
Lilting Banshee Ador jig
Lucy Farr's Barn Dance G barndance
Merry Blacksmith D reel
Mist Covered Mountain Ador jig
Morrison's Edor jig
Mountain Road D reel
Musical Priest Bdor reel
My Darling Asleep D jig
Off to California G hornpipe
Otter's Holt Bdor reel
Out On the Ocean G jig
Over the Moor to Maggie G reel
Paddy Fahey's Jig G jig
Plains of Boyle D hornpipe
Red Haired Lass G reel
Rights of Man G hornpipe
Rolling in the Ryegrass D reel
Ships are Sailing G reel
Silver Spear D reel
Sligo Maid Ador reel
Snowy Path D slip jig
Spootiskerry G reel
St Anne's Reel D reel
Tam Lin Ddor reel
Tar Road to Sligo D jig
The Congress Reel Ador reel
Tobin's Favourite D jig
Willafjord D reel
Wind that Shakes the Barley D reel
Wise Maid D reel

Other tunes

There’s a large list of tunes including tunes played in other New Zealand sessions in the Tunes Archive page. Feel free to poke around.