Here’s some other sources of tunes you might find useful. If you look at nothing else make sure you check out Charlie Montomery’s tunes on this website.

Charlie Montgomery:

Paddy Fahey tunes:

Sets of tunes put together by Paddy O’Brien:

Dunedin Fiddle Orchestra:

Sean Manning’s Sets (Dunedin):

Tunebooks for this site

Some of you like to have printable copies of the music. We’ve taken all tunes we’ve collected and produced some different options:

These tunebooks were last updated at: Sat 21 Sep 2019 14:12:09 NZST

Think before you print

Other tunebooks

Begged Borrowed and Stolen:

Some other tunebooks from early days of ABC i.e. the 1990s:

You can also get copies of the ABC files that were used to generate some of these PDFs: