We meet on Tuesday nights from 7:30 to 8:40 at the Welsh Dragon Bar, 10/12 Cambridge Terrace, Wellington 6011, New Zealand. Players who want to play traditional Irish music at a relaxed pace are welcome.

The slow session is an opportunity for players who are starting out with Irish traditional music and want an opportunity to play tunes that they’re learning or have already learnt with others in a supportive environment. We don’t teach tunes directly in this session but it’s a great chance to practice playing with others. There’s some scope for accompaniment but the focus is on the melody instruments.

See our Guidelines for the Slow Session if you need more information.

Tune of the Week

We pick one tune for homework each week, and we’ll play it sometime during the first hour.

 Tune Name   Key   Rhythm  Audio Player
Humours of Lissadell Edor reel

Recent slow session tunes of the week

These are the tunes we’ve been learning over the last couple of months.

Tune Name▲▼ Key
Audio Player
Golden Castle Gdor hornpipe
Humours Of Tullycrine Ador hornpipe
The Clare G reel
Golden Keyboard Edor reel
Peeler's Jacket Gdor reel
Whelan's Jig Edor jig
Orphan Em jig
Tommy Peoples G reel

Slow session favourites

We’ve got a number of tunes that we know well at the Slow Session. We don’t play all of these every week but if you’re at our session and want to play some of these tunes with us, there’s a good chance someone else will know them.

You can find these tunes by going to our Tunes Archive page and by choosing the “All Tunes” option, picking “Slow-favourite” and pressing “Select”