Auckland is at Level 3

The rest of New Zealand is at Level 2

More information on the current Alert Levels

This page has links to tools that are useful for anyone wanting to work with ABC and MP3 files and other things!

Play Local Audio

If you have audio files on your own computer you can use the Play Local Audio page to slow down a number of audio and video formats and play parts of them in a loop.

Play Local ABC

If you have ABC files on your own computer you can use the Play Local ABC page to play them in a loop.


Pick a random tune from the archive.

The Long Bow

In his fiddle class at Ceol Aneas 2018, Rob Zielinski suggested practicing long slow down and up bows every day for 3 months. You can use The Long Bow to help with the timing.


If you have some ABC you want to edit you can use the editABC page.

Simply replace the ABC on that page with your ABC and the musical notation should redraw. You can also listen to your version played through the ABC player we use on the various webpages

Create MD File

If you want to help us add a new tune to the archive you can use the Create MD File page to create the metadata we need.

If you can provide an MP3 file with a standalone version of the tune which people can use to learn by ear that would be great. We need that recording to be either:

  • in the public domain
  • have a licence that allows us to use it freely like Creative Commons
  • have clear permission from the copyright holder allowing us to use it for this site

You can usually find some ABC that you can at least start with on The Session website. The ABC doesn’t need to match the recorded version exactly - close is good enough!