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Current tunes

These are the some of the tunes we play. These tunes will get played regularly so if you know these you’ll get a chance to play them.

Tune Name▲▼ Rhythm
Audio Player
Ballydesmond No. 1 Ador polka
Ballydesmond No. 3 G polka
Banshee G reel
Blarney Pilgrim Dmix jig
Brosna Slide G slide
Connachtman's Rambles D jig
Connaughtman's Rambles C jig
Dunmore Lasses Edor reel
Finnish Polka Bdor polka
Foxhunter's D slip jig
Garrett Barry's Jig G jig
Joe Cooley's Edor reel
Joe Cooleys Edor reel
Kesh Jig G jig
Kid on the Mountain G slip jig
Lilting Banshee Ador jig
Midnight on the Water D waltz
Morrison's Edor jig
Mouse In The Mug G jig
O'Keefe's Slide Ador slide
Otter's Holt Bdor reel
Paddy's Trip to Scotland D reel
Peeler's Jacket Gdor reel
Rambling Sailor A polka
Rights of Man G hornpipe
Silver Spear D reel
Sliabh Russell Ador jig
Sourgrass and Granite D waltz
Swinging on the Gate G reel
Tar Road to Sligo D jig
The Congress Reel G reel
The Mad Piper G jig
The Tenpenny Bit Ador jig
Tobin's Favourite D jig
Tom's Blue Boat D polka

Current Sets

These are the some of the sets we play at VicFolk Ceilis. These sets will get played regularly so if you know these you’ll get a chance to play them.

If you don’t find the set you’re looking for you can put tunes together and try them out using the Build a Set page.

Set Name▲▼ Rhythm
Titles Audio Player
Circassian Circle jig
The Mad Piper (G)
The Tenpenny Bit (Ador)
Cumberland Square Eight jig
Tobin's Favourite (D)
Garrett Barry's Jig (G)
Falling Masonry jig
Sliabh Russell (Ador)
Kesh Jig (G)
The Flying Scotsman jig
Morrison's (Edor)
Connachtman's Rambles (D)
Ninepins jig
Blarney Pilgrim (Dmix)
Oxo Reels polka
Ballydesmond No. 1 (Ador)
Rambling Sailor (A)
Ballydesmond No. 3 (G)
The Siege of Ennis reel
Dunmore Lasses (Edor)
Joe Cooley's (Edor)
Strip the Willow slip jig
Foxhunter's (D)
Kid on the Mountain (G)
Larry Jennings’s Thursday Night Special No1 reel
Banshee (G)
Otter's Holt (Bdor)
Paddy's Trip to Scotland (D)

Other tunes

There’s a large list of tunes including tunes played in other New Zealand sessions in the Tunes Archive page. Feel free to poke around.